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SBE launches voluntary frequency coordinator accreditation

The Society of Broadcast Engineers has launched a voluntary accreditation program for frequency coordinators.

The accreditation program is intended to “maintain the quality and professionalism” of coordination by ensuring consistency of approach and accountability to established standards.

According to the society, despite the existence of many capable volunteers serving as frequency coordinators, there hasn’t been a mechanism by which the SBE can attest to the quality of the service being provided across all markets.

Given the fact that the SBE is working at the national level with the FCC, a coordination program that’s “perceived as uniformly professional, capable, and responsive to the industry's needs” is becoming increasingly important.

The SBE will not require volunteer frequency coordinators to be accredited or ask non-accredited coordinators to resign. Whether or not accreditations will be required of frequency coordinators will be left to local chapters.

The society has published a list of requirements an accredited frequency coordinator will be expected to fulfill.

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