SBE Certification celebrates 30 Years

More than 30 years ago when the FCC decided to reduce its role in commercial operator licensing, the SBE responded by creating a Program of Certification. The concept was first discussed in 1973. The program was introduced during a session called, “A New Broadcast License Certification Program,” at the NAB convention in 1975. During a Society of Broadcast Engineers Board of Directors meeting in November1975, a decision was made to commence a Program of Certification for broadcast engineers.

The SBE Program of Certification is administered by the SBE National Certification Committee. The SBE Program of Certification includes four successive levels of certification that include a requirement of professional experience:

  • Certified Broadcast Technologist
  • Certified Broadcast Engineer
  • Certified Senior Broadcast Engineer
  • Certified Professional Broadcast Engineer

Several types of Certification that evaluate knowledge of specific elements of broadcasting:

  • Certified Broadcast Networking Technologist
  • Certified Audio Engineer and Certified Video Engineer
  • Certified Television Operator
  • Certified Radio Operator

Recently, the National Certification Committee created Specialist Certifications as enhancements to the Core Four Certifications. The first two Specialist Certifications recognize an individual's skill with AM directional antennas and 8-VSB technology.

The SBE will celebrate the anniversary during the SBE Membership Meeting at NAB2006, which will take place April 25, 2006 in Las Vegas. Contact Linda Baun for additional information about the SBE Program of Certification.

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