Roger Nichols offers CD-based replacement for testing gear

Last month, Roger Nichols Digital unveiled its new Studio Test CD at the Summer NAMM2006 Show. The Studio Test CD contains drum samples calibrated to give one, two, three, four and five consecutive positive and negative overs to calibrate clipping meters.

The Studio Test CD is designed to replace test gear by providing signals than can be used to calibrate A/D and D/A converters; check for D/A converter noise; check speaker-channel identification, phase and separation; check HF tweeters, woofers and sub-woofers; calibrate monitor levels; check OVER indications to see at what level they light; provide digital pulse peaks to check meter ballistics; provide tones to align analog tape machines; provide a computer-generated 440Hz tuning standard; and output white noise, pink noise and 30 minutes of SMPTE-format timecode.

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