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Removing barriers and simplifying workflows: Seamless interaction between traffic and operations

Digital technology and IP infrastructures are common today in broadcast facilities. Tying disparate systems together is the current challenge for broadcasters. Doing so, however, will give broadcasters a more efficient operation, reduce errors, improve program quality, generate revenue opportunities and also lower operating costs. This is especially true with the integration of front-office business operations with back-office on-air and production operations.

Today, many broadcasters continue to operate as separate department silos with limited integration. Typically, TV stations and post houses locate their business offices in the front and on-air and productions operations in the back of corporate structures. There often remains "a virtual wall" between these business operations.

With newer open-standard technology and industry protocols, it's now possible to closely couple traffic, scheduling, library management, finance, legal, rights management and business intelligence with broadcast and production operations. The result can be improved product quality, greater staff efficiency, improved management reporting and lower operating costs.

Implementing cross-department, facility-wide, enterprise-wide changes is sometimes considered complex and expensive. There are effective solutions available today, however, to help engineers and managers better understand the steps and assist them through the design and build-out phases.

Removing barriers
Removing operational and technological barriers between on-air and business operations is challenging but doable. The biggest challenges are defining the workflow and personnel.

A considerable amount of research and thinking goes into defining the workflow. Once you define the workflow, you can apply automation solutions.

As for personnel, you must be ready for the proverbial "Who moved my cheese?" scenario. People in general do not like change, so pre-planning and managed communications will make this process successful.

Seamless interaction
Customized workflows through seamless interaction between traffic and broadcast operations is the ultimate goal. Flexible automation applications are the key. Every interaction point between varying systems have some form of solution available. The best automated solutions will be simple to configure, change and operate, yet are complex and sophisticated when it comes to capabilities.

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