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REDucation Workshop in London

LONDONTwo day ‘REDucation’ workshops have been successfully taking place throughout 2014 in major cities worldwide, including Mumbai, Berlin, Los Angeles and New York. On October 25-26, 2014, London will take its turn.

Working cinematographer John Marchant is the lead instructor for the workshop. Marchant, who is also a photographer and designer, started his career shooting 355mm film slides at a time when accessible computer imaging was in its infancy. In 1999 he co-founded KipperTie, a boutique production and rental facility.

The goal of the REDucation effort is for professional working cinematographers to gain a hands-on knowledge with practical training and teaching of the RED EPIC (MYSTERIUM-X and DRAGON) and SCARLET camera systems for both on set practices and postproduction practices from other working cinematographers.

The real-world training will educate people who wish to learn more about the field of digital cinematography and ultra-high-resolution post. Throughout the two days the REDucation sessions will cover camera builds, exposure, colour science, workflow presentation and footage review plus all other necessary requirements to become experts in the field.

The REDucation workshops have already drummed up some great feedback with Mark Pederson from Off Hollywood stating “I wish such a thing existed when I went to film school” and John Ison from Nivida – Media and Entertainment Partnerships saying, “It’s those teachers and seeing things through their eyes that allow me to be better.” To watch the whole video including more testimonials, watch the Vimeo REDucational video (opens in new tab).

For more information on the REDucational schedule click here.