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Point Source Audio Mic Survives “The World’s End”

Known to Norwegians as “The World’s End” (Verdens Ende), the southernmost tip of the island of Tjøme, 60 miles south of Oslo, can be a forbidding place — but not for actor Gard Eidsvold wearing Point Source Audio’s CO-5W-KIT waterproof earset microphone. There, at the sea’s edge in a driving rain, he was perched precariously above the rocks on a thin plank, vigorously rowing his symbolic boat while reciting the lines of the iconic Norwegian ballad “Terje Vigen.” Both the actor and the mic performed flawlessly before a rapt audience which sat under hoods and umbrellas a mere 30m from the shoreline.

“Water was not a part of the show but as it was outside, we expected — and got — plenty of rain,” recounted Jan Ringen, the sound engineer who chose PSA’s waterproof mic specifically for this outdoor application. Terje Vigen, written in 1862 by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen, describes the 1809 saga of the legendary Terje, who tried to run the English blockade off Norway's southern coast in a desperate attempt to smuggle food from Denmark back to his starving wife and daughter.

“The best thing about the CO-5W-KIT’s waterproof feature, compared to my other mics, was that I didn’t have to worry at all about rain or sweat,” Ringen declared. “Earlier such outside jobs could be a bit nerve-wracking.” Ringen is the sole proprietor of Quantum Satis Media (QSM), a lighting, sound and stage production company based in County Vestfold, Norway. Ringen discovered the CO-5W-KIT after reading an article about a 'Singing in the Rain' production in Ireland. “They had used your mic and were very happy with it when they actually sang in the rain.” Ringen ordered the CO-5W-KIT mics for both his Sennheiser and AKG wireless systems.