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Panasonic ships AJ-SD965 DVCPRO50 studio VTR

The AJ-SD965 uses the newly developed DVCPRO XL cassette.

Panasonic has begun delivery of the AJ-SD965, a 50Mb/s DVCPRO50 studio VTR with built-in color LCD monitor. The AJ-SD965 uses the newly developed DVCPRO XL cassette, which allows two hours of recording in 4:2:2, 50Mb/s DVCPRO50 with four-channel 48-kHz, 16-bit digital audio. For added flexibility, it also records for four hours in 4:1:1, 25Mb/s DVCPRO with two-channel digital audio.

Selectable between 525/625 operation, the AJ-SD965 addresses a broad range of applications in television and video production.

The compact 4RU-size VTR features seamless playback of DVCPRO50, DVCPRO, DVCAM and DV format recordings. (A cassette adaptor is required for mini-DV format cassette playback). An optional IEEE 1394 digital interface board (AJ-YAD955G) is available to integrate 50Mb/s digital component video into PC or MAC-based nonlinear editing systems.

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