PacTV relies on FOR-A converters

Pacific Television Center (PacTV), a leading provider of global transmission and live broadcast production services, is relying on FOR-A’s UFM-30FRC HD/SD frame rate converter for the company’s operations. PacTV owns three UFM-30FRC units and has been using its up/down/crossconverting capabilities for wide-ranging format conversions to transmit feeds around the world.

As PacTV constantly works with incoming feeds via satellite and their proprietary global fiber network, the UFM-30FRC’s built-in frame synchronizer is an important tool for the service provider. This feature clears up any drops in incoming signals that have the potential to cause issues in signal conversion and distribution. Both the frame sync and "any format in/out" functions of the UFM-30FRC minimize the need for additional processing gear and simplify PacTV’s conversions of various standards. Another feature of the UFM-30FRC that makes production simpler at PacTV is the Web GUI, which affords operators quick, easy setup and control from any of their three facilities.

The UFM-30FRC offers motion compensation that rivals that of top-of-the-line converters while being very affordable. PacTV is a longtime user of FOR-A’s products. In addition to the UFM-30FRC, PacTV also relies on other FOR-A solutions, such as its video switchers, playback systems and other frame rate converter units. The company has always found FOR-A’s quality, delivery and technical support to be exceptional.

PacTV has used FOR-A’s UFM-30FRC for numerous international sports broadcasts, including boxing, tennis, golf, wrestling, racecar driving and martial arts events, as well as live news productions. The UFM-30FRC is part of FOR-A’s UFM Modular product series and can be installed into a FOR-A UFM universal frame.