Omneon enhances server management tools

Omneon Video Networks has announced new versions for three applications in its MediaTools suite designed to streamline file-based workflows and deliver enhanced media management and processing.

The enhancements all address workflow requirements for customers more often working with file-based media on Omneon Spectrum media servers and MediaGrid active storage systems, making it easier to manage large repositories of content.

ProBrowse 2.0 is an upgrade of Omneon's proxy generation and management system. The upgrade incorporates intelligent scene-change detection, automatically creating picons, or key frames, at each scene change. These picons contain an exact time code reference allowing users to jump to the beginning of any desired scene in the clip, or use the scene time code values to provide a frame-accurate shot list to craft editors.

ClipTool Pro 2.0 manages the real-time recording and playout of material on an Omneon Spectrum media server system, using a VTR-style emulation interface. Version 2.0 adds two features that address requirements for managing new clips: loop record and merge timeline.

Loop record allows a user to set up a timed loop (i.e., one hour) into which video will be recorded in a continuous fashion. Merge timeline allows a user to load a set of clips onto a timeline and then export that timeline as a new clip, effectively “stitching” the sub-clips together into a new clip.

MirrorTool 2.0 is an application for synchronizing the content on two Omneon systems, providing automatic, timed or user-initiated mirroring of data. The new version extends the mirroring functionality to include MediaGrid, as well as external PCs.

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