NTC builds HD control room for Discovery Communications

Consulting and engineering design firm National TeleConsultants has completed an HD control room for Discovery Communications' Technical Production Center, based in Silver Spring, MD.

NTC built the new control room that is designed to meet in-house programming and live remote broadcasting requirements for Discovery's networks, supporting both HD and SD signals with a production switcher, character generator, and servers that can switch between the two formats. This enables Discovery, which reaches nearly 1.4 billion subscribers through more than 100 networks globally, to create a variety of HD material.

Working with Discovery's executive, engineering and operations management, NTC selected some of the most leading-edge HDTV broadcast technologies available for Discovery's HD control room, including EVS XT[2] HDTV production servers, multiple formats of Sony and Panasonic HD VTRs, a Grass Valley Kalypso Duo HD/SD production switcher, an SD/HD Avid Technology Deko 3000 Hybrid character generator, an Evertz 3000 MVP monitor wall with four flat-panels, a Clarity 40in Bobcat LCD monitors, and a Calrec Zeta 100 48-input audio console for the audio booth.

For more information, visit www.ntc.com.