New York Giants tap Chyron for replays

The football team is now using Chyron’s CodiStrator to provide special effects for the team’s television pregame show produced in Giants Stadium
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From the Meadowland’s studio in East Rutherford, NJ, former Giant Phil McConkey (left) and sports commentator Bob Papa use the CodiStrator to digitally illustrate in-game plays and offensive/defensive patterns.

When the New York Giants’ looked to telestrate the plays, patterns and tendencies of the rival team for their pregame show produced in Giants Stadium, the team turned to Chyron and its new CodiStrator to bring the replays to life. The enhanced telestrating capabilities of the CodiStrator give the operator creative graphic choices to bring clarity to live-action strategy analysis for the New York Giants.

The CodiStrator can now telestrate games or any presentation action with increased facility. For the New York Giants and operator Phil McConkey (a former wide-receiver on the 1986 Super Bowl XXI team), the CodiStrator allows him to do the familiar real-time line drawing, but additionally allows a shadow effect where a player is highlighted and everything else in the frame is darkened. McConkey can add numbered bullets to a string of wide-receivers and pull straight lines with arrows from each bullet to illustrate the action about to take place.

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