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New York Giants rely on technology for pre-game fan education

Former New York Giants wide receiver Phil McConkey (left) and radio commentator Bob Papa use Chyron’s CodiStrator to illustrate key plays during the team’s pre-game show.

The New York Giants are using technology to help illustrate all of the plays, patterns and tendencies of the rival team during the team’s pre-game show produced in Giants Stadium.

This season, the team is telestrating replays of opponents with Chyron’s new CodiStrator. Taking advantage of the several unique CodiStrator features, the operator can select from a variety of features to bring clarity to live-action strategy analysis.

The Sunday morning pre-game shows focus on the team the Giants will be playing in the afternoon. On-air analytical expert and CodiStrator operator Phil McConkey uses the device to sort out the action of the play in a clear, concise manner.

McConkey, a former wide receiver on the Super Bowl XXI champion Giants team, uses the CodiStrator not only to do familiar real-time line drawing, but also non-traditional shadow effects in which a player is highlighted and everything else in the frame is darkened. McConkey can add numbered bullets to a string of wide receivers and pull straight lines with arrows from each bullet to illustrate the action about to take place.

McConkey telestrates on the fly and thus moves guest coaches and players through an analysis more quickly. He switches from lines to numbers, shadows and arrows. It’s not unusual for him to use five different creative tools at once while he’s talking on camera. The graphics enhance his pre-game analysis of the Giants’ opposition and makes the presentation easy for fans to understand.

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