New NHL set offers visual feast

The new NHL set in the Outdoor Life Network (OLN) studio at the Ascent Media Complex in Stamford, CT, relies on an extensive array of display technology to create its look.

The studio, adjacent to OLN’s 30,000sq ft broadcast facility, is being built by Electrosonic New York. Designed primarily for NHL pre-game, game and post-game shows and NHL highlights programming, the set features 21 Panasonic 42in plasma screens, four Sharp 15in LCDs, two Christie DW3K projectors in a custom projector rig and 10 Pioneer industrial DVD players, supplied by Electrosonic.

An array of sources, including the DVD players, Digital Betacam decks, SDI routers and DDRs, feed the displays. Eight of the plasmas are behind the host and talent in the research/screening area of the set where viewers can see staffers logging and previewing incoming game footage.

Electrosonic also provided a 6in-high, 36ft-long Sunrise Systems EXL 6000 LED ticker that was customized by set designer Jack Morton Productions to curve and run along the top of the set. The ticker interfaces with OLN’s Sports Media product for instant updates of game stats.

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