New encoder from Streambox targets mobile news gathering operations

Streambox will unveil new video transport solutions for mobile news gathering over IP or satellite at IBC2006, including the compact, lightweight Streambox SBT3-7500 encoder — a plug-and-connect, real-time video transport system that delivers MPEG-2 video quality at a lower data rate and 50 percent better efficiency than MPEG-4 systems.

Weighing only 5lbs and measuring just 2.5in high, 12in wide and 13in deep, the Streambox SBT3-7500 offers encoding performance in a very small form factor. The SBT3-7500 is intended for mobile news gathering in a news truck, airborne/seaborne surveillance and video transport, or any other setting in which portability, flexibility and a lower power requirement are desired. For example, the SBT3-7500 encoder can be powered using an 80W car battery for maximum mobility.

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