Netherlands broadcaster chellomedia airs three new HD channels

Netherlands broadcaster and content provider chellomedia recently took three new HD channels to air — Film1, Sports1 and the National Geographic channel — which required a new automation system.

The company installed the Colossus automation system from OmniBus Systems as part of the project, which now ingests the network’s HD content to Omneon servers using G3 Ingest, and uses Screen Subtitling and Miranda logos in the playout.

The new automation system at chellomedia is scalable, so it allows growth without making a system-level change. Colossus implements G3 architecture that separates components into four types: a desktop shell with component plug-ins, device services, data services and application services.

This means that new functional components can be added simply only to the desktops of the users who need them, providing a user interface that is tailored to specific applications and easy to link to other products from a variety of different manufacturers. There are no system-level changes to the software when new features are added, which lessens the chance of bugs being introduced into the system.

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