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NCP zooms into sports

The NCP 7 truck carries Canon lenses.

A major Las Vegas boxing event was no match for the Canon DIGI SUPER 100xs lens, which helped mobile television specialists New Century Productions (NCP) capture the spectacle for the ESPN.

NCP routinely employs the extreme reach of the Canon DIGI SUPER 100xs (model XJ100x9.3BIE-D) for boxing, as well as a wide range of other SD and HD sports productions.

For example, in baseball coverage NCP uses the DIGI SUPER 100xs from center field, 420ft from the batter. When zoomed in, it delivers images of the sweat dripping off of the batter’s forehead.

Canon’s built-in Optical Image Stabilization (Shift-IS) system provides viewers with shake-free images even at extreme telephoto distances. The Shift-IS system smoothes out such vibrations as those from camera platforms.

The NCP 7 truck also carries two DIGI SUPER 86xs lenses, four DIGI SUPER 75xs lenses, and three HJ21x7.5B and HJ11x4.7B HD/SD ENG/EFP zoom lenses.

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