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NBC uses Cable Cam to cover 17th hole at Sawgrass

NBC Sports is using Cable Cam to track shots from the 17th hole at Sawgrass.

NBC Sports in conjunction with ESPN and the PGA Tour are using Cable Cam, at the par-3, 17th hole at Sawgrass for THE PLAYERS Championship to provide unique aerial views.

Cable Cam is mounted to a set of cables more than 60ft above the crowd. It travels down a designated out-of-play area and offers new overhead views of the action to better follow the flight of the ball as players shoot for the green.

Previously, NBC Sports used Cable Cam at the Breeders' Cup. Its use at Sawgrass is the network’s first application of the camera at a golf event.

The network is using other special camera applications to cover the event, including two manned cameras on the 17th hole. A camera operator is lifted by a crane 120ft into the air above the trees from right of the 16th fairway where his camera has a clear view of the 16th, 17th and 18th holes. Another camera operator is ferried to the island right of the 17th green where he is marooned for approximately eight hours to get reactions from the 17th tee and operate the super-slow-motion camera.

The network is also using Bunker Cam, a camera with a microscopic lens embedded in the lip of the front bunker.

THE PLAYERS Championship began March 19. It concludes March 27.

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