NBC Sports relies on unique camera deployments for NASCAR Brickyard 400 shots

NBC Sports deployed several of its 80 cameras used to capture the NASCAR Brickyard 400 from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway last weekend in unusual and creative ways to give race fans a new perspective on the event.

Among the unusual camera deployments:

  • No-Man’s Land Cam: new for Indianapolis, the no-man’s land cam was a robotic camera located between pit road and the track at the start-finish line. This camera delivered the race from a low-angle and provided a close-up view of the cars as they entered pit road.
  • Squash-Cam: a lipstick-size camera buried in the grass inside Turn 1. Because of its positioning, this camera showed cars as they moved extremely close to the camera lens giving viewers a sense of being “squashed,” especially on starts and restarts.
  • Wall-Cams: lipstick-size cameras embedded in the outside wall of Turn 2 and Turn 4. These cameras shot cars in Turns 1 and 3 and were most effective at conveying the speed of cars as they drove past the cameras.
  • Eye-Full Tower Cam: a robotic camera mounted above the scoring pylon 92 feet overhead. This camera overlooked the infield and captured a view of the grandstands at the speedway on both sides of the track’s front stretch.

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