NBC News Channel extends agreement to track broadcast usage

NBC News Channel, a unit of NBC News, has renewed a multi-year contract with Teletrax to track broadcast usage of its television news video electronically.

Teletrax offers global digital video monitoring and media asset management service to provide vital broadcast television intelligence to video content providers, such as news organizations.

NBC News Channel distributes about 300 news stories each day to NBC affiliates and international clients for use in their news broadcasts. For the past three years, it has relied on Teletrax to report and evaluate airings of its news video broadcasts. Teletrax provides NBC News Channel with reports containing detailed intelligence on how content is used and disseminated by its affiliate stations.

In addition, NBC News Channel used Teletrax at the Winter Olympics in Torino to track distribution of live and taped news stories coming directly from the Olympics. Teletrax was also employed on-site in Athens by NBC News Channel during the 2004 Summer Olympics.

Launched in 2002, Teletrax’s technology embeds an imperceptible and indelible digital watermark into video whenever it is edited, transmitted, broadcast or duplicated.

A global network of decoders or detectors then captures all occurrences of the embedded video being transmitted via satellite, cable or terrestrially and generates tracking reports for the content owners.

For more information, visit www.teletrax.tv and www.medialink.com.

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