Major Canadian and U.S. networks upgrade consoles

Major U.S. and Canadian networks are finding that this is the time to upgrade digital broadcast consoles.

The Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) recently purchased a console for a new HD remote broadcast truck. The national network purchased a Solid State Logic (SSL) custom C148/64, a duplicate of an earlier installation in CBC’s inaugural HD Premier remote broadcast truck. CBC also recently installed an SSL C140 for national news and a C264 in its Toronto HD entertainment production studio.

In the United States, CBS has made a similar commitment to new consoles. “The Bold and the Beautiful,” “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,” “The Price is Right,” “Real Time with Bill Maher” and other CBS programs rely on a trio of C Series consoles: a C232 in post-production suite APP1, a C140 in Studio 58 and a C156 with custom patchbay integration in Studio 33.

ABC has installed C100 consoles for a variety of applications. The network’s New York headquarters, TV3, features a C156, while its TV24 houses a C140. Another C140 is being installed at the network’s Washington, D.C., news bureau.

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