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Station automation

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Sundance Digital

When the automation and servers are eight years old, no longer supported by the manufacturer, and the servers lack the storage capacity for a growing facility, it's time to explore new options. This was the case for KGW-TV, a Belo station in Portland, OR.

The station determined that Sundance Digital Titan automation offered the best technology and operational flexibility, along with solid support and a favorable pricing structure. The decision on a replacement video server, however, was up-in-the-air until Grass Valley approached KGW with the opportunity to be the first facility to install its new K2 series — an advanced IT-based media server and client system designed specifically to share and reuse digital media assets.

The new Titan and K2s went on-air smoothly in January 2006, with only the typical speed bumps associated with training everyone on new gear and user interfaces. Since then, the system has been extremely reliable.