JVC unveils HDV encoder, decoder

JVC Professional Products Company has introduced the SA-HD50U HDV MPEG-2 encoder/decoder, which is designed for broadcast networks, television stations and post-production houses.

This advanced SA-HD50U encoder/decoder takes uncompressed HD-SDI signals and encodes them into a compressed HDV720P 19Mb/s or HDV1080i 25Mb/s stream in real time, which can be recorded directly onto an HDV720P (19.7Mb/s) or HDV1080i (25Mb/s) studio deck, or transferred directly to a disk based recording or editing system.

The SA-HD50U comes equipped with a number of multiformat interfaces, including HD-SDI with embedded audio, IEEE 1394 and analog component connections. Input/Output capabilities include HD-SDI 720/60P/50P and 1080/60i/50i. IEEE 1394 interface includes 720/60P/50P/30P/25P/24P and 1080/60i/50i.

For more information, visit http://pro.jvc.com.

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