Imation toughens DVDs with rugged, scratch-resistant discs

Archiving valuable media assets on DVD isn’t as reliable as it was cracked up to be. The rigors of everyday use can render discs unplayable, jeopardizing the life of video, audio and other valuable files.

Recently, TDK responded to the problem of failing recordable DVDs with its new “Armor Plated” line of rugged DVD-R media. Now, Imation, another DVD maker, has joined the club.

New CD and DVD discs by Imation will come with an additional polymer coat designed to make them resistant to such everyday wear and tear. That means no more worries about disc scratches or smudges that can result from slipping CDs in file folders, sliding DVDs across countertops or handling discs with your fingers.

Imation said the long-lasting “memory protection” layer guards against scratches and smudges and has an anti-static treatment the company claims can repel up to 100 times more dust than a conventional disc.

The new Imation discs, priced slightly higher than standard uncoated discs, will be available in retail channels by February.

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