Hess expands in-store digital signage initiative

Buoyed by the huge success of an initial pilot in specific regions of the country, Hess Petroleum is sold on digital signage, so much so that the company will begin phase two expansion of its in-store network August 1. The expansion will include multiple locations in Florida.

The expansion follows a successful pilot conducted during Q1 and Q2 of ‘06 where Clickin Research documented a significant increase in customer satisfaction, and Hess Oil confirmed substantial sales lifts in numerous product categories in the New Jersey and Florida stores. The details of the phase two pilot are still being defined. The study will focus primarily in the Florida market and address a broader range of metrics including the display locations in the store, ad timing, loop length and the production style of the ad spots.

Hess has turned to DynaTek Media for technology and services for both the initial launch and the expansion. The company is using a combination of DynaTek’s offers network operations, 24-hour network monitoring, in-house content production, agency advertising services and STS wireless network. DynaTek said it sees Hess as a building block to additional sales in the point-of-purchase and C-store markets.

For more information, visit http://www.dynatekmedia.com/products/