Hearst-Argyle transforms graphics workflow

Hearst-Argyle Television and WCVB-TV in Boston recently selected 1 Beyond and Sanbolic for a pilot installation of a new graphics workflow technology to update the Channel 5 facility.

The new graphics department workflow, proposed by 1 Beyond, replaces WCVB-TV’s previous equipment. It includes 1 Beyond’s Harmony SAN and Redline Render Farm combined with the company’s fiber-attached Artist Pro workstations powered by BlueFish444 capture cards.

All workstations and render engines can now simultaneously access the same assets in the central 1 Beyond Harmony SAN, controlled by the Sanbolic SAN software, as though they were each on a local disk. This is completely transparent to the user.

Assets can be ingested once or those newly developed can be immediately accessed by all workstations.

For more information, visit www.1beyond.com.

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