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Griffin Communications adds 30 Fujinon lenses for ENG, EFP

KWTV-TV chief photojournalist Rich Kriegel is using the station's new Fujinon A18X7.6BERM SD zoom lens.

KWTV-TV NEWS 9, the Griffin Communications station in Oklahoma City, and its sister station KOTV-TV, in Tulsa, OK, have added 30 new lenses from Fujinon.

Both stations now use 29 A18X7.6BERM SD zoom lenses for use in daily ENG and one A13X4.5BERM SD zoom lens for electronic field production.

The wide converter for the lenses enables the stations’ photojournalists to maintain a wide angle while shooting in 4:3. The lenses will also continue to be used after the stations' transition from 4:3 NTSC to 16:9 DTV broadcasting.

The maintenance serial interface connector attaches each lens to a PC so that the maintenance department can do a complete lens check.

Other standard features include:

  • Quick Zoom — zooms in 0.6 seconds from wide-end to telephoto
  • Cruise Zoom — maintains an automatic zooming speed
  • Iris A-M — position change switch that helps stations transition from a different auto-manual switch setting and 10-position zoom speed control.

KWTV NEWS 9 uses its new Fujinon lenses paired with Panasonic 800 P2 cameras.

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