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Golf Channel

Golf Channel

With the move to an HD video infrastructure well on its way to completion, Golf Channel, distributor of golf-related programming to more than 120 million households worldwide, needed to address the increased demands of stereo audio production. Golf Channel provides separate mixes for the domestic mass control feed as well as the international mass control feed that services Golf Channel’s vast world market.

With three different audio control rooms, the challenge was to match the capabilities of Production Control 1 (PC 1) and Production Control 2 (PC 2) to create a synergistic production environment with shared resources, thereby streamlining the rigorous production schedules. Production Control 3 (PC 3) was then left for less rigorous capture situations, like voice-overs, to add an American touch to international golf tournaments. The strategy to closely match PC 1 and PC 2 also influenced the decision to upgrade the physical design for both audio control rooms and Studio A and Studio B without missing a stroke or live interview and thereby completing the changeover to HD.

Golf Channel produces many shows including news and analysis programs such as “Golf Central,” “Grey Goose 19th Hole” and “The Approach with Callaway Golf,” and entertainment programs such as “Golf in America,” “Big Break Disney Golf,” “The Haney Project” and “Top 10,” to name a few. With a breakneck production schedule, it made sense for both Studio A and Studio B to handle the production of any show live to air, whereas in the past, Studio B and PC 2 were used for programs that were taped and edited for future airing.

The challenge was successfully met by Golf Channel staff and Georgia-based Ingenious Electronics as systems integrators. PC 3 and Studio C were upgraded first, with a Yamaha DM1000 digital console, because any voice-over sessions could be easily handled by PC 1 or PC 2. Because Golf Channel already had a Solid State Logic C100 console in PC 1, the logical choice was to upgrade PC 2 with a new Solid State Logic C100 HD-S. This decision served several purposes. The new console presented session engineers with consistent console topology, functionality and program recall settings between PC 1 and PC 2. This meant there would be no programming downtime for the redesign plan. The physical upgrade of PC 1 and Studio B was accomplished first with PC 2 and Studio A taking on the duties for both Studio A and Studio B programming. Once complete, the focus shifted to a physical upgrade of PC 2 and Studio A with PC 1 and Studio B taking on production duties.

The two consoles now share resources through an SSL MORSE router with two dual MADI cards, further streamlining the production flow between studios and delivering embedding and de-embedding options to both consoles. When possible, audio sources are brought into PC 1 and PC 2 via AES with Evertz EQX, Avid AirSpeed ingest and playout servers and a number of decks brought in through the MORSE de-embedder cards.

  • Post & network production facilities
    Submitted by Solid State LogicDesign teamGolf Channel: Bob Van Deering, tech. management; Jason Miller, signal flow eng.; Greg Fox, proj. eng.
    Ingenious Electronics: David Mitchell, on-site eng.; Darrell Powell, installation supervisor; Harry Neil, installer; Chuck Street, installerTechnology at workAbekas: MIRA server
    Avid: HD AirSpeeds
    Chyron: CGs/sound effects
    Clear-Com: Matrix intercom
    Denon: CD player
    DPA: 4077 lavaliere
    Electro Voice: 635 mic
    ENCO: DAD music server
    Evertz: MVP system via a Clarity Bobcat LCD monitor, EQX router, converters
    EVS: Multi-Cam systems
    Fostex: 6301B cue monitor
    Gentner: Telephone hybrid system
    Grass Valley: Apex AES routing switcher
    JBL: 4010 speakers
    Lectrosonic: 400 series digital hybrid mics with venue sys.
    Mackie: 824 monitors
    Roland: MA-12C cue monitor
    Sanken: COS-11 lavalieres
    Sennheiser: MKE2 lavaliere, 416 mic, MKH 60 mic, ew 300 mic
    Solid State Logic: C100 HD-S digital console, C100 digital console, MORSE router, StageBox remote I/O
    Sony: HDCAM, IMX, DigiBeta, XDCAM
    Telos: Telephone hybrid system
    Tram: TR50 lavaliere
    Yamaha: DM1000 digital console

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