German national public TV network to add Mosart newsroom automaton

ARD-aktuell, the common news center operation of Germany's national public television network, and one of the world's largest public broadcaster, has chosen Mosart Medialab's newsroom automation system for news programming, including the flagship Tagesschau.
ARD-aktuell's Mosart installation at its Hamburg studios will include two entire systems, for main and backup galleries, with roll-out scheduled for next year.

Regional broadcaster Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) will build the new studios for ARD-aktuell with Hamburg-based integrators Studio Hamburg Media Consult International (MCI).

ARD broadcasts to viewers throughout Germany over its own digital terrestrial broadcast network, over satellite and cable, and via a digital package of four free-to-air channels (Das Erste, EinsFestival, EinsPlus and EinsExtra). The broadcaster also contributes to the production of cable/satellite channels Phoenix (events, news, and documentaries), KI.KA (children's programs), 3sat (cultural/traditional programming) and ARTE (Franco-German cultural programming).

Mosart version 3.0 includes a range of new features and functions that add to the capabilities of the system, including a redesigned, fully configurable graphical user interface (GUI) that has the capability of storing settings.

Story elements such as cameras, clips and graphics, as well as a range of interface overviews, can be assigned to buttons for easy, quick access, making the GUI a shot box for touchscreens and adaptable for any TV production. Story scripts from the newsroom computer system are shown directly in the Mosart® GUI, and Mosart® operators can store clips and graphical elements in a pool that's ready for execution on request.