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Front Porch Digital’s DIVAnet enhances features of DIVArchive

At IBC2006, Front Porch Digital will debut its DIVAnet product. DIVAnet allows customers to leverage the core power of DIVArchive to provide advanced content replication, disaster recovery and business continuance functionality across multiple facilities. In addition to being able to intelligently replicate content between facilities, DIVAnet also can provide a fundamental toolset for advanced content-lifecycle control for effective multisite archive management. This product is suited to meet the needs of Front Porch Digital customers that have multiple DIVArchive site installations.

Networked storage and broadcast facilities equipped with linked DIVArchive systems installed on either end via the DIVAnet solution can manage ongoing and automated duplication of assets stored in the main library. DIVAnet also can be used to connect multiple installations of Front Porch Digital’s DIVAworks archive-in-a-box solution.

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