FOX taps Azcar to replace Houston network center

Azcar Technologies has been tapped to design and integrate the new FOX Network Center-Houston, the operations and transmission center for the FOX cable networks. The new facility will replace the existing Houston Technical Operations Center and will leverage wideband digital and server technologies to improve financial and operating efficiencies. As part of the $3 million project, Azcar also will help FOX Networks Engineering and Operations develop new CAD drawing standards and tools.

FOX’s Houston facility originates programming for all 17 regional FOX networks throughout the United States and is targeted to provide backup capabilities for the FOX national broadcast network. Scheduled for completion in late 2007, the new center will include

  • Satellite and terrestrial program content acquisition.
  • Twenty-eight master control rooms with provision for significant future expansion.
  • Five multicast master control rooms, transmission operations control room, a network management control room, graphics generation as well as satellite and terrestrial distribution compression and multiplexing systems.

Although the majority of FOX programming is currently SD, the new facility will be designed and built to seamlessly migrate to HD as consumer demand and the availability of HD programming increases in the future.

Azcar will provide preliminary systems design consulting, detailed engineering design, installation, testing and commissioning services, along with overall project management, logistics and transition planning and equipment management services.

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