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FOX Sports, Chyron create 3-D graphics for MLB All-Star Game

FOX displays 3-D graphics using Chyron's Duet LEX and Duet HyperX graphics systems during coverage of Major League Baseball games.

3-D graphics and enhanced motion effects for Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game, broadcast live from Detroit, MI, used Chyron’s Duet LEX and Duet HyperX, combined with Lyric graphics software.

Both the Duet LEX and Duet HyperX were used to generate a variety of in-game graphics and 3-D animations including batter lower third statistics, first-time up factoids, full-screen batter graphics, end-of-inning statistics, due up next teasers and player bios.

Chyron’s Duet HyperX features Featuring real-time HD and SD animation. It can also be upgraded to use two software-switchable HD/SD channels, either one of which may integrate a compressed HD/SD clip player. The system allows for seamless switching between HD and SD formats.

The Duet LEX system includes a Windows 2000 operating system, graphics creation tools, Lyric 2-D/3-D CG/animation with 500 true type fonts and CAL API for automated data-driven applications such as Chyron’s NewsCrawl.

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