Focus Enhancement unveils Firestore FS-100 for AG-HVX200

Focus Enhancements has announced a series of FireStore FS-100 portable HD disk recorders for Panasonic's new AG-HVX200 DVCPRO HD P2 handheld camera-recorder.

The FireStore FS-100 provides the ability to record 90 minutes of material to hard disk and supports DVCPRO HD and DVPRO 50 in Panasonic's P2 MXF format and DV/DVCPRO in native NLE file formats.

The FireStore FS-100 accepts DVCPRO HD 100Mb/s and DVCPRO 50 SD streams from the HVX-200 handheld camera-recorder. Clips can be directly imported to a nonlinear editor’s timeline and edited immediately.

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