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Five Gray stations go tapeless with XDCAM

Five Gray Television Group stations have begun using Sony’s XDCAM to streamline their news production processes.

The stations that have taken delivery of several XDCAM PDW-510 XDCAM camcorders, PDW-1500 decks and newly introduced PDW-D1 external drives include:

  • KWTX-TV in Waco, TX;
  • KBTX-TV in Bryan, TX;
  • KXII-TV in Sherman, TX;
  • WVLT-TV in Knoxville, TN;
  • and
  • KKCO-TV in Grand Junction, CO.

The search for the next-generation of video technology accelerated last year when the stations switched to server-based news production. With the system, the stations achieved workflow innovation in an end-to-end digital environment.

Several of the PDW-1500 decks are tied to the station's network so once an optical disc is inserted, content is copied to the server and made instantly available to producers throughout the organization.

In the field, the PDW-510 camcorder's cache recording buffer captures up to 10 seconds of audio and video even when the camcorder is in stand-by mode, ensuring that critical sound bites are not missed.

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