FFV’s new video recorder includes space-saving features

The latest portable handheld digital video recorder from FFV is now available. This new product, the NDT 200, utilizes a removable 2.5in hard-disk drive to provide flexibility in video management. Its small form factor enables drop-in replacement for tape-based recording devices, fitting into the same area as a video Walkman, which saves space while providing a standard medium for portable applications.

With the NDT 200, all functions can be controlled via the DVR’s touchpad user interface, large soft push buttons and LCD panel on top of the unit, or from an external PC or VTR controller. Video clips can be recorded in QuickTime format for playback on a PC or Mac or as FFV secure video files, and then downloaded to PC or Mac systems via the onboard USB 2.0 port or through the removal of the hard drive and the insertion of the drive into a suitably equipped PC or Mac.

For more information, visit www.ffv.com/Documents/NDT_200_Specs.pdf.