FCC approves Intelsat-PanAmSat merger

The FCC has approved the merger of Intelsat with PanAmSat. Upon completion of the transaction, PanAmSat will become an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Intelsat. Post-merger, PanAmSat and its subsidiaries will continue as separate corporate entities. The transaction involves the transfer of control to Intelsat of FCC-issued licenses and authorizations held by PanAmSat. The two PanAmSat licensees are authorized to operate non-common carrier Fixed-Satellite Service (FSS) satellites using the C- and Ku-bands, as well as numerous non-common carrier earth stations that transmit and/or receive signals in those frequency bands.

Intelsat is an FSS operator that owns and operates a global satellite system providing end-to-end network services to telecommunications operators, corporate network integrators, governments, Internet service providers and broadcasters around the world. Intelsat primarily serves the voice, data, and interconnectivity requirements of telecommunications and government customers. PanAmSat is an FSS provider that serves the video market in North and Latin Americas and provides satellite services elsewhere in the world.