ESPN to use IP-videoconferencing for interviews during NBA draft

Basketball fans tuning in to the NBA draft will see live interviews with team coaches, players and other key personnel at 17 remote locations around the country delivered to event broadcaster ESPN via IP-based technology.

For the second time this year, Sony Electronics and Glowpoint will provide the sports network with equipment and services to deliver live draft-related coverage from team sites scattered around the country. The first use of this approach occurred in April for coverage of the NFL draft.

This time, Sony and GlowPoint will provide broadcasting services during live television coverage of the 2005 NBA draft on June 28 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York.

The IP-based broadcasting solution will use a combination of Sony IPELA videoconferencing systems and GlowPoint's IP-based video communication services to capture and air real-time interviews.

NBA team representatives located at remote locations throughout the country will connect to the GlowPoint network via Sony PCS-1 and PCS-G70 video communication systems located at the cable operator's Bristol, CT, studios. The remote team locations will use the Sony Event Server, powered by GlowPoint, which has been specially designed and configured for remote content acquisition.

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