DNF provides real-time machine control over Ethernet

DNF Controls is releasing its Flex Control Network Machine Control System, which provides real-time machine control solutions over Ethernet ­— LAN, WAN, VPN and Internet ­— for the demands of television broadcast, live production and event production.

With Flex, users can add and change devices, device control protocols and control points whenever and wherever they want without disrupting workflow. Flex allows for redistribution of the broadcast or production workload on a moment’s notice to keep up with late-breaking news, equipment failure and unexpected personnel changes or other events.

Flex connects operators to equipment — VTRs, video servers, routers, etc. — over an Ethernet connection. And whether separated by a short space or across long distances, Flex gives real-time, precise and reliable control of equipment across a facility, in another building, at a sister station, at a temporary remote location or around the world.

For more information, visit www.dnfcontrols.com/index/productlist.jsp.