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DisplaySearch: LCD display costs may fall 62 percent by 2008

DisplaySearch, a market research and consultant firm, said LCD display costs are expected to fall as much as 62% from 2005 to 2008, supporting significant growth in the LCD monitor and LCD TV markets. The firm recently unveiled these projections in its new report on current and future panel costs, material prices, depreciation, yields, panel prices, and profit margins for LCD monitors and LCD TV panels.

DisplaySearch's new Quarterly TFT LCD Cost Forecast Report with Annual Projections provides the costs of TFT LCD manufacturing from 2004-2008 for seven different substrate sizes ranging from 730×920mm to 2160×2460mm; for eight different panel sizes including 15in, 17in, and 19in LCD monitor modules; and 26in, 32in, 37in, 40in and 42in LCD TV modules.

The current display industry recovery will occur primarily through cost reduction due to the amount of supplies coming online derived from significant 2004 and 2005 capital spending.

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