Discovery Networks Europe Deploys Rascular’s Helm For Multi-Device Control

Discovery Networks Europe has deployed Rascular’s Helm, PC-based third-party control and monitoring technology, across 69 channels at its London playout facility.

Discovery Networks Europe initiated a project last year to find a system that could be deployed in master control to increase the viewing ratio in a transmission pod from 10:1 to 12:1. Its existing technology was limited by both hardware and software constraints. Rascular Helm provides a single, integrated, user-defined, PC-based control/monitoring surface for operators. This allows users to control channels, or pods of channels, from a single screen using bespoke, pre-defined buttons for complex workflows.

Discovery now uses Helm to provide transmission controllers access to various points in the transmission chain within a monitoring pod. Helm provides manual access to Miranda ImageStores – which appear like a master control switcher, main and back-up servers, graphical assets, as well as Axon modular products.