Cutting the Delay Between Shoot and Post

Content producers are under constant pressure to produce more and better programming for less money. Because time is money, the production industry is constantly looking for ways to reduce the delay between various stages of the production cycle.

Cloud-based platforms such as Forbidden's Forscene have revolutionised file based workflows by providing access to centralised content and post-production tools over a standard Internet connection. But time is still lost between shooting and getting content into the cloud. Fortunately, Sony's CBK-WA100 wireless adapter for Sony cameras allows users to wirelessly transmit content directly from the camera to a broadcast station, on-premises server, or cloud environment.

Eager to prove the adapter’s viability on a real video production, Sony approached Forbidden Technologies to develop a video post-production workflow that integrated the adapter with Forscene and to find a mutual client who could put that workflow to the test. Maverick TV is a long-time Forscene client and part of production giant all3media, the U.K.'s largest independent television, film, digital production, and distribution company. Maverick not only pilot-tested the proprietary Forbidden/Sony workflow early in 2014, but did so on an actual long-form broadcast series for Britain's Channel 4.

Which brings us back to Camera to Cloud: Cut Out the Delay Between Shoot and Post. Myself and Donna Mulvey-Jones, Head of Post Production and Facilities at Maverick TV, will use this session to explain how this cloud workflow allows producers to save time and improve communication between remote crews and production teams.