Colombia’s largest broadcaster purchases new management platform

CCNP, a company that provides network maintenance services to several television stations across Colombia, has made a change in its basic management platform. The company’s new platform will carry a heavy load – CCNP has 114 channels of programming under its management, including the largest private Colombian television operators Caracol and RCN.

Balum Telecommunications, a system integrator based in the capital city of Bogotá, sold CCNP the MaxView management platform from ILC. Balum and ILC recently formed a partnership to sell MaxView to broadcasters as well as cable, satellite, mobile and telecommunications companies in the Andes Mountain region. In addition to Colombia, the two companies are marketing MaxView to stations in Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and Panama.

From one console, MaxView manages and controls hybrid networks and converged technologies such as satellite, broadcast, IP, IT, ATM, microwave and other related technologies, facilities and equipment. Among other features, the product performs end-to-end provisioning, event scheduling and activation, self-healing automation, alarm correlation, carrier monitoring, spectrum planning and tailored reporting.

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