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Clear-Com rolls out RS-701 Beltpack

Clear-Com has released its RS-701 Beltpack, the first model in its new line of RS-700 series wired, analog partyline beltpacks.

The RS-700 series beltpacks are designed to be rugged and reliable to withstand the most challenging production environments. The construction of the units was based on the company's RS-500 series beltpacks, which have an ergonomic and strong enclosure. Despite their tough exterior, the RS-700 units have a comfortable contour design that can be worn all day.

The RS-701 is a single-channel beltpack equipped with an XLR-3 line connector that services the needs of all users, be it first timers or experienced professionals. It combines high headroom with low-noise audio. Swappable microphone options and built-in limiters in the headsets

support are designed to support a pristine sound. The beltpack's wide dynamic range and audio contouring enable intelligible voice communication for every audio level, from a whisper to a shout.

All 700 series beltpacks feature recess rotary volume controls as well as Talk and Call keys that are guarded against accidental activation. An LED off mode is available for instances when the user requires complete darkness. For these situations, the switches are placed in convenient locations for ease of use. A concealed DIP switch on the back of the beltpack affords the capability to select audio and key options quickly and easily.