Charter Broadcast monitors sports audio with AMP1-S8MDA monitors

The Wohler AMP1-S8MDA monitors multiple audio channels and formats.

Charter Broadcast has purchased 30 Wohler AMP1-S8MDA multichannel, HD/SD-SDI multiformat monitors which were used for the broadcast of the Australian Open. They also are being used for monitoring at the Winter Olympics in Torino.

Designed to monitor multiple channels and formats, the AMP1-S8MDA, monitors eight channels, AES/EBU, analog audio, HD-SDI and SD-SDI with demuxing and summing capabilities. The unit combines two HD-SDI or SD-SDI inputs with re-clocked output, four AES/EBU Digital outputs demuxed from two HD/SD-SDI groups, eight analog outputs demuxed from any two SDI groups or converted from AES/EBU digital inputs, and analog output of selected pair or multichannel downmix.

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