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Canon camera helps Earthcam deliver video over the web

The Canon NU-700N combines a 1/4in 3CCD Canon video camera with Canon’s built-in 20X optical zoom lens.

EarthCam has chosen Canon’s NU-700N Network Controllable Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera system to deliver video images over the Internet.

With more than 180,000 daily visitors and 300 million page views per month, EarthCam specializes in providing Webcam technology and managed services to a wide variety of industries and users. EarthCam cameras provide live video over IP of everything from construction sites and highway traffic to foreign tourist attractions and Times Square billboards.

The Canon NU-700N, which EarthCam recommends for high-end applications, combines a 1/4in 3CCD Canon video camera with Canon’s built-in 20X optical zoom lens and 5X digital zoom for a 100X zoom range. The NU-700N is contained within a rugged outdoor housing that includes a rain wiper.

When connected to a camera server, such as Canon’s VB150 Network Camera Server, the system can be connected to the Internet or a LAN via a non-proprietary protocol control panel or a PC, enabling control of camera functions (including camera pan, tilt, zoom, and focus) from anywhere with network access.

EarthCam integrates the NU-700N into its own proprietary Webcasting software and hardware system known as MediaCaster, which encodes the NU-700N’s broadcast-quality video and streams it over the Internet. According to EarthCam, they exploit every bit of Canon’s NU-700N’s zoom range in order to capture images across great distances, which is especially useful for such applications as Web tourism and observation of construction sites.

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