Cal State Fresno Bulldog Stadium to get new video scoreboard

California State University in Fresno recently decided to add a unique scoring, advertising and messaging system for Bulldog Stadium, home of the Fresno State Bulldogs to coincide with the venue’s 25th anniversary.

The project calls for the existing scoreboard to be replaced with a unique design, incorporating a large main video display using Daktronics ProStar LED technology. It also will contain five other digital displays, using full-color light emitting diode (LED) display technology.

The six electronic displays on the main scoreboard will be supported by a unique archway system that also will hold a printed “Bulldog Stadium” sign and circular logo panel. When completed, the top of the structure will rise about 63ft above grade and will span nearly 70ft.

The main ProStar video display, to be located in the center of the structure, will measure about 24ft x 32ft. The additional digital displays will be located on the sides and below the main video display and will have the ability to show scores, game time, time outs left, team and player statistics, scores of other Western Athletic Conference football games and other messages.

Included in the $1.6 million project is a new video marquee to be installed at the corner of Cedar and Barstow Avenues, which will help increase visibility for Bulldog athletics and other campus events and recognize corporate sponsors.

The video marquee will use the same technology as the football scoreboard and will measure about 7.5ft x 12ft. It will have the capability to show video clips as well as still graphics, animation and text messages.

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