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Cablecam makes MLB debut with “Braves TBS Xtra”

TBS will premiere Cablecam April 9 during its “Braves TBS Xtra,” marking the first time the aerial camera has been used during Major League Baseball coverage.

Cablecam is attached by wires to five different points on the roof of Turner Field, forming a triangular-shaped path that gives the camera the capability to "fly" over the entire baseball diamond, varying its height and direction.

In addition, for the second consecutive year the “Braves TBS Xtra” telecasts will be highlighted by enhanced graphics, including a virtual line-up, virtual leadoff meter, hit chart to diagram where the batter has hit for the game and the season, and an Xtra Motion technique that will paint a visual map of the baseball from the pitcher's release point to home plate.

The network will also feature a national sports ticker that will update scores and stats from around the league throughout the telecast.

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