Bexel buys 60 Canon lenses for reality TV, sports

For the Olympics, Bexel provided gear to the host broadcaster and several countries covering the games

Bexel has purchased more than 60 Canon lenses to handle the increased demand from large reality projects and the teleproduction demands of sporting events, such as the Olympics.

To meet the demands of reality TV production, which can require as many as 40 cameras a day – each with two lenses, Bexel has acquired and provides J11ex4.5B and J22ex7.6B wide angle lenses from Canon.

The lens purchase included 30 combined WRSD and WASD versions of the J22ex7.6B and J11ex4.5B wide-angle lenses, and an IS-20B image stabilizing adapter. Bexel also shipped several additional Canon lenses in its existing inventory to meet the needs of its Olympic customers.

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