ATSC honors Arthur W. Allison III

Arthur W. Allison III is this year’s recipient of the Bernard Lechner Outstanding Contributor Award. The presentation was made in Chantilly, VA, at the Westfields Marriott, during the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) Annual Meeting last month.

Allison served as the chair of the Implementation Subcommittee from 1997 to 2004. Under his leadership the Implementation Subcommittee helped the industry address real world DTV implementation issues including technical challenges such as the implementation of PSIP and captioning, lip sync and the postage stamp effect. The initial work of the Implementation Subcommittee led to standards development work in ATSC, CEA and SMPTE.

Allison participates in nearly all of the technical work of ATSC. He has been actively involved in the specialist groups of the Technology and Standards Group (TSG). He is currently chair of TSG/S1 (PSIP Metadata Communication) and is also deeply involved in the work of many other specialist groups.

He is the Director of Advanced Engineering in the Science & Technology Department of the NAB. He joined the organization in September 1995, and his responsibilities include technical issue management with a focus on policy and technical developments of advanced television systems.