Adtec to unveil DTV, ad insertion, multimedia solutions at IBC

Adtec Digital will introduce its new digital television delivery solutions, new IP streaming/multimedia solutions and digital ad insertion solutions Sept. 10-14 at IBC in Amsterdam.

The company will introduce the edje-3100 and edje-3200 multiplexers designed for digital television and IP backhaul applications. The edje-3100 and the edje-3200 include two QPSK receivers with CACI interface for descrambling and routing ASI and DVB-S feeds, and output ASI and IP concurrently. The 3100, designed for the international market, also includes two DVB-T receivers. The 3200, designed for use in the United States, is equipped with two 8-VSB receivers for processing ATSC signals and also includes SMPTE 310M inputs and outputs. Both models output multiplexed ASI and IP streams over a gigabit Ethernet interface. All models on Adtec’s multiplexer product line have the ability to route MPEG transport streams over a GIGE interface for digital television applications.

Adtec will also exhibit digital ad-insertion solutions including Digital into Analog (DIA), Digital into Digital (DID) and Digital into Transport (DIT). The company will introduce the DPI-1200 Digital into Transport (DIT) Ad server, designed to simultaneously insert up to 12 progams into a digital cable or digital television service. In addition, IBC will serve as the venue to demonstrate the Traffic and Billing Gateway Server (TBGS).

Adtec will debut its second-generation edje-PDP digital video player and network appliance designed to fit inside the Pioneer’s fourth-generation PureVision Plasma displays. The company will also introduce the Soloist 3 Digital Media Server, a product combining the functions of a digital video recorder, player, switcher and server in one device.

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