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ABC Sports announces extensive production plan for Super Bowl XL

ABC Sports will use 36 cameras, 29 vehicles and more than 400 people to cover Super Bowl XL.

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Seattle Seahawks will battle for the trophy Sunday, Feb. 5 at Ford Field in Detroit.

To cover this year’s Super Bowl, the network’s 36 cameras will include:

  • Twenty hard cameras, including six Super Slo-Mos.
  • Seven handheld cameras, including two Super Slo-Mos.
  • Two RF and one SteadyCam.
  • Five robotic cameras, two of which will be fixed on the goal lines.
  • Two remote pan and tilt cameras on the field goal posts.
  • One Sky-Cam camera suspended above the playing field.
  • One unmanned fixed camera.

Other production equipment will include:

  • One “1st & 10” electronic first down marker.
  • Forty digital video replay sources
  • Three Telestrators
  • Sixty mics, including 12 on-field parabolic microphones;
  • Five-hundred television monitors;
  • Ninety miles of camera and microphone cable.

ESPN will use the Super Bowl to rollout nationwide retail distribution of its Mobile ESPN handset and service.

Available at 600 Best Buys nationwide, Mobile ESPN is an ESPN-branded Sanyo cell phone and a service plan from Sprint Nextel that includes access to the network’s sports news, scores, statistics and about 40 video clip highlights per day.

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